000. "A public piano"


is a NFT inspired by pianos in public spaces like airports; they are played by a person and enjoyed by many. The piano is simply a medium of expression.

is a NFT collection limited to a supply of 64. The catch?

Owner of token id 0 gets to dictate what the NFT metadata points to.

A writer can point the NFT to short stories, a generative artist to abstract art, a music producer to his/her beats.

You don't own a static NFT, you don't own the output of a singular artist. You own the right to enjoy what the owner of token id 0 wants the NFT to express today.

[Coming soon]

How to acquire the NFT

Initially POB studios own all 64 NFTs, we will distribute 1 per address that meets one of these requirements:

→ Own a complete $LONDON GIFT tile set (Cities, pipes, etc)

→ Own a 'unique' name attribute $LONDON GIFT

→ Own 4 verified $HASH

→ Own 100000 $LONDON

Details subject to change when released